How it works?
Answer First Impression Game survey questions or shop your favorite stores and brands to earn rewards.

Who can play?
Legal residents who reside in the 50 United States and the District of Columbia.

What are my answers to surveys and registration questions used for??
All information provided to WynZyn is only used to ensure that ads you see online are relevant and useful to you.

Is there an age requirement?
18 years of age or older at the time of registration and entry.

Can I have multiple accounts?
No. Participants are eligible to register one account per person. If WynZyn discovers multiple accounts registered for one individual Participant, said Participant will forfeit any points and winnings attributed to the duplicate account(s) registered as well as any points and unpaid winnings on the original account.

What happens when false data is submitted?
Participant must truthfully answer questions about themselves. False answers to any of the registration or survey questions, and fake or dishonest receipts, if discovered, will cause the Participant to forfeit any current Sweepstakes winnings.

Do I have to watch ads to participate?
No, Participants can gain an entry by registering with WynZyn and sending a 3 x 5 postcard with their name, address, email address, and signature to WynZyn corporate office: 4742 N. 24th Street, Suite #315, Phoenix, AZ 85016. Maximum one (1) entry per mailing, per week. Entry to be awarded within one week of receipt by WynZyn. Only entries that include a valid email address will be accepted. Illegible, incomplete, machine printed, typewritten or mechanically produced entries will not be accepted.

What are other ways Participants can gain sweepstakes entries?

  1. Filling out [or updating after 6 months] a survey (10 entries but subject to change). The currently available Surveys are found under "surveys icon" on the home page.
  2. Participation in various social media promotions (1 entries, but subject to change)
  3. Referring friends (found under “Refer A Friend” on the home page). You both receive 5 entries once the user you’ve referred confirms their email. You gain another 100 entries when the new user earns 100 entries. After that, you will receive 10 entries for every 100 entries the user you referred gains thereafter. Wyn-Wyn!

How do the points earned work?
A Participant will earn points during each Sweepstakes period. Once a Participant earns 50 or more points, verifies that they have complied with WynZyn's rules and provides their complete mailing address, the points will be converted to dollars and the participant will be paid.

What are the different levels?
The more ads you watch the higher the level you reach for the week. The higher the level you reach the larger the prize is.

Do my points expire?
At the end of each calendar year, all point totals for Participants who have not either verified their compliance with WynZyn rules and provided their address and those Participant's accounts which have had zero activity for 120 days will reset to zero.

I can't select register when I am completing my profile.
In order to register your account all questions must be completed. Please ensure you have answered all the questions.

How can I log out of the app?
On your smart phone, press the gear icon in the upper right hand corner. Scroll down to "log out".

Why am I not getting my verification email?
Check to ensure your email account is correct in your profile. If your email account is correct, check your junk email box. If you are still not receiving the email add to your safe senders list. If you still can't see the message, email us at to activate your account.

Can I transfer my winnings to a friend or family member?
No, prizes are nontransferable and no substitutions are allowed.


How are the prizes drawn?
Random winning numbers from all the eligible entries.

When and how often are the prizes drawn?
The Sweepstakes commences at 12:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time and ends 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. The dates for each drawing are listed on the app and website. Monthly and yearly sweepstakes start at 12:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time, at the beginning of each period. On or about the day following the close of each Sweepstakes the winners will be randomly selected.

Can I win more than once?

Yes. The largest prize will be drawn first and then each successive smaller prize will be drawn. Entry numbers are only eligible to win one prize each, but Participants can win multiple prizes in that drawing, if eligible.

What are my chances of winning?
The chances of winning depend on the number of entries and are equal for all entries.

How will I be notified if I win?
Winners will receive an email when they win. Winners will also receive a push notification if enabled on their smart phone. Winners can also see their winnings on the app under the winners icon.

Who pays me?
Sweepstakes winnings are paid by the Sponsor, WynZyn. After a Participant wins over $600 their payment will be made only after the Participant has completed and submitted a Declaration of Compliance, and when required completed an IRS W-9 form.

What is a Declaration of Compliance?
A document you must complete to certify that you, the Sweepstakes Winner, have met all the required specifications in the Official Rules.

When and how am I paid?
A check will be mailed to the winners within 30 days of completion of the Participants mailing address and Declaration of Compliance.

How long do I have to claim my prize?
Once you have accumulated 50 points, you will be notified by email and will have 30 calendar days to complete and submit your Declaration of Compliance and your mailing address. If a winner cannot be contacted or fails to submit a Declaration of Compliance within the prescribed period, they forfeit their prize.

Can I claim an old prize that was forfeited due to time elapsing?
No, all prizes not claimed within 30 calendar days are forfeited to the next available sweepstakes.

Do my entries expire?
Once a winning number wins a sweepstakes, that entry is no longer eligible to win a subsequent sweepstakes. Your entries for the weekly sweepstakes expire for that week only once the sweepstakes is drawn. Your non-winning entries for prior weeks are eligible to win monthly and yearly prizes until those drawings are held.

Will I owe taxes?
Prizes are considered taxable income. If you win a prize totaling over $600, WynZyn must submit a Form 1099 MISC to you and the Internal Revenue Service. You must still report and pay tax on prizes under $600. Sweepstakes winners are solely responsible for compliance with and payment of any applicable taxes on their winnings. If your total winning ever exceed $600 and you do not submit a completed W-9 form (after we have sent you one to complete), your winnings will be forfeited.


Can I designate a charity after winning?
No, a charity designation must be completed prior to notification of a sweepstakes win.

Can I change my mind on my charitable sharing after I win?
No, once you win, the percentage you designated to the charity cannot be changed. However, you can change the amount for future drawings at any time up to the end of that sweepstakes (see sweepstakes details on app).

Can I change my charity contribution before a sweepstakes prize is drawn?
Yes, you are welcome to change the charity and percentage designated at any time prior to the end of a sweepstakes.

Can I list multiple charities as designations?
No. Currently you can only designate one charity.

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